The War To End All Wars

GERSHWIN at the Harwelden Cabaret was also a hit!  It was wonderful to be able to share Valentine's day with so many people.  And our Valentine to Tulsa, Tulsa, Your Love is Here to Stay! was a perfect way in which to do that.

Many thanks to Pat Hobbs, John Orsulak, Elizabeth Smith Curtis, Carl Curtis, Beau Dill and Ed Dill for a wonderful show!  Here's to next year!! 

The Vaudeville Museum

Was a SMASH hit!

Two nights of standing room only crowds.

Thank you Sean Latham and the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities for sponsoring this important work.  Thank you Adrian Alexander for letting us take over the library.  And thank you to all the performers who made this such a hit!

Rebecca Ungerman, Pat Hobbs, John Orsulak, Nash McQuarters, Roderick Hudson, David Blakely, Ed Dill, Josh Westbrok, James Gregory, Adrian Alexander, Charles Kevin Smith, Lisa Cole, Jesse Knobbe, Diana Easter and Amber Deen

The Vaudeville Museum


The War to End All Wars:

From the Trenches to the Homefront

  • Buffalo1:52
  • Song in G / Bullet Song1:57

Tulsa: Your Love is Here to Stay, an Intimate Evening with Gershwin

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