REVERB:  An echolike force or effect; a repercussion

And the winners are.....

THE EVENTS IN ROW K by Kelley Childers Friedberg
The same Broadway Theatre over the course of several decades. A look into how
shows may change but racism stays the same - no matter the decade. Kelley
Childers Friedberg is a local playwright from Broken Arrow.
10 minute play

Clover and Lucille are cows. They lament that once their calves are loaded up onto
the truck headed for the big city, they never write or call their mothers. Tiger, a
retired race horse, fills them in on what’s really going down.
Rex McGregory hails from Auckland, New Zealand.
10 minute play

DOES YOUR DICK WORK? by Susan Middaugh
Jack is just like any other 28 year old male looking for love… well except the fact
that he has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. No problem, right? Wrong.
Susan Middaugh is a playwright from Baltimore, Maryland
Full Length (no pun intended)

THE PRISONER by Seamus Lucason
An Irish Prisoner waiting to be executed by hanging forges unusual bonds with his
Seamus Lucason is a playwright from Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland
One Act

ANTI by Tabitha Littlefield
Fundamentalism, power, faith and coming of age.
Tabitha Littlefield is a local playwright from Tulsa
Short Full Length

It’s the last day of her awful first year teaching in the special education classroom,
but Stewart is determined to make it through. That is until one of her students
changes things forever.
Kyle T. Wilson is originally from Arkansas but now calls L.A. home.

Christopher Hiney teaches water aerobics at the local LBGTQ retirement
community, lives with the love of his life and plans on making a fortune off his
exercise regimen. Then his boyfriend calls and all hell breaks loose.
Roy Proctor hails from Richmond, Virginia
10 minute play

THE EMPEROR'S NEW NOSE by Andrea Markowitz
The newborn son of the current emperor has no nose! What is a perfect monarch
to do? Ask your fool, that’s what.
Andrea Markowitz is a playwright out of Cave Creek, Arizona
10 minute play

SECTIONS by Tara Moses
Which ism do you pick when you are several all rolled up into one complex
human? This play is about intersectionality and was written by local playwright,
Tara Moses.
One Act

VERONICA'S DOLLS by Dwayne Yancey
Veronica is a troubled young woman contemplating suicide. Her childhood dolls
come to life to try to save her. But will they be in time?
Dwayne Yancey is a playwright out of Fincastle, Virginia
10 minute play

COLORED WATER by Cynthia Veal Holm
To Karen, an 8 year old African American girl raised in Spain, the sign above the
drinking fountain doesn’t make sense to her. Should it be explained… or should
the sign be changed?
Playwright Cynthia Veal Holm is from St. Paul, Minnesota.
10 minute play